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Glass Lovers Glass Database is a group of glass collectors, sellers, authors and researchers, from novice to expert that have joined together to produce this database.

Glass Lovers Glass Database Yahoo members collect, catalog and research glass images and descriptions and put them into this database.  That's all the glass we identify in our group and all the glass from private collections where images are donated---every country, company and pattern we can find.

The database is set-up in albums in the following order:  Country, Company, Pattern, and then multiple views, when possible, of each piece offered by the respective company in that pattern.  We also provide summaries in each album. That means you'll get valuable data about your piece of glass; dates, dimensions, colors that were available, fakes, reproductions, etc.

We are also working on a glossary that includes pic examples.  Mike Wasser has generously contributed his "Glass Marks" pic images that were located on Ebay.  We're constantly adding to this and are including labels also.  Other folders you'll find are "Glass Graphics".  This folder includes tools used in the trade, glass processes, pattern comparisons, glass part comparisons and so on. For example, a collage of different style stems and how they're named; a pic of what tools are used to produce a given formation on a piece of glass, etc.  We're hoping to include video within this section in the future. 

Our home base is located at Facebook's Glass Lover Glass Database Group.   We also have a Murano Glass group.

The database is open to the public at large and will be free as long as we're able to fund it thru donations and affiliate funds.. Our goal is that this database will be one of the best places to identify your glassware on the net.

We have many knowledgable glass people in our group ranging many eras and companies and all are friendly, helpful, driven and passionate about cataloging and identifying glassware.   Some are authors or have been assisting people with glass identification for years or their entire lifetime.  By moving our group from Yahoo to Facebook, we now have over 4,000 members, many from Europe and Asia.  We're finally starting to identify the generics, such as, Bohemian Glass pieces by makers and we've added a spinoff group for Murano Glass.

Some of the catagories and companies represented are:

-  ABCG - American Brilliant Cut Glass
-  EAPG  - Early American Pattern Glass
-  Black Glass
-  Vaseline Glass
-  Anchor Hocking Glass
-  Fenton Art Glass
-  Imperial Glass, Candlewick Pattern (highly collected)
-  Carnival Glass
-  Tiara Exclusives
-  Westmoreland Glass
-  LE Smith, LG Wright, and West Virginia Glass makers
-  Milk Glass
-  Bohemian and Czech Glass
-  Blenko Art Glass
- etc. etc. etc.

We're an "eclectic" group.  Some members are not experts and join just to contribute images in exchange for the valuable resource people the group has to offer.  Some members do not care to share their images but have expertise in a particular field of glass and their expertise is invaluable to the group members.  Never be intimidated by this group but you will certainly be in awe of the collection of knowledge this great group of people has amassed.
Our group moto is: "No question is too simple or complicated.  None of us will ever know everything about glass, considering the magnitude of the topic, we will all forever be students."

The database is set up in folders and sub-folders that are by country, company and pattern. Though we don't have a boolean search feature yet, our search engine surpasses many other sites. You can search by many factors including country, company, pattern, era, type and distinguishing characteristics.
As of 2015, we've have thousands of glass images logged into the database.
Feel free to join, dive right in, peruse our database, add to it, and ask questions. This database will continue to be a semi-wiki project worked on regularly by it's members.

We are forever dedicated to the proper identification and assemblage of glass photo images by country, company and pattern from the past to the present.

Glass Lovers Glass Database collage of glass       Glass Lovers Glass Database's Team Stars
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Glass Lovers Glass Database Key People and some
of the lovely glass they help identify.

A special thanks to all who have helped and continue to help us along the way!!

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