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Welcome to

Glass Lovers Glass Database

We're a free glassware identification resource.  Feel free to explore our site.

Glass Lovers Glass Database is split up into many different sites or sections, all requiring their own registrations, login userid's and passwords.  So as you join the various venues, try to keep the same userid and password for each section.

You can explore our links above (Glass Companies) without registration.  This will lead you to various aspects of our glass database.  The database comprises all the glass images we've cataloged for the past thirteen years; a lot of images.  Registration at the database should give you more images.

The glass we document comes from all around the world and includes antique, vintage and modern glassware comprising Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG); brilliant cut glass from mostly the ABCG and middle periods; elegant glass from the Victorian Era and Depression Eras; depression glass; victorian art glass; modern art glass; modern day glass including reproductions with a working section on Glass from China; and, glass in it's various flavors; such as: carnival glass, stretch glass, opalescent glass, vaseline glass, etc.

Glass Lovers Glass Database is a large project that is dedicated to keeping glass identification resources on the net free.  Our members identify glassware, provide the images and data then we have a team that catalogs it.

The most important thing a member can do at Glass Lovers Glass Database is learn the language of glass.  The language of glass includes how glassware was manufactured, who made glassware, what techniques were used and what things are called.  To learn these things, we have many 'friendly' expert glass members happy to answer your questions without judgement or criticism. 

Collectively, our group members, not only have the the glass knowledge needed for learning and identification, but the resources to a massive glassware identification library where we help each other out.  Many of our members have written books and learned articles in their particular area of interest or study and are libraries within themselves. 

From novice to expert, come join us in exploring the glorious world of glass.

We hope you enjoy our site.  Thank you for stopping by.

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(GLGD Key People and some of the lovely glass they help identify, click for larger views)

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