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Westmoreland Glass Company
Westmoreland Glass Company Patterns (gallery images)

What we now know as Westmoreland Glass Company started it's life off as "The Specialty Glass Company" in Ohio during the latter part of the 20th Century.  Because of a move to Grapeville, PA and the sale of it's main plant, the name changed again to "Westmoreland Specialty Company".  In 1924, it officially became Westmoreland Glass Company.

The company originally made glass containers but it also processed baking powder, mustard, vinegar, and other condiments to fill them. During World War I they also made candy containers but soon found themselves unable to keep up with the demand for this specialty product and stopped doing them.

By 1924, they dropped the Specialty part of their name to become Westmoreland Glass Company and soon high quality handmade glass became their specialty product.

The company then became famous worldwide for their decorated and clearly marked reproduction glassware including milk glass and colored glassware.

Many of the Early American pressed patterns were reproduced. This carried the company through to the 1930s when the depression glass era started when Westmoreland followed with colored glassware in many elegant dinnerware patterns.

Start Date/
End Date

Color Produced
1923 - 1930 many effects including fired-on color,
satined glass in black and white
1924 - 1930 amber, first transparent color made
1925 - 1930 green and blue
1926 - 1930 rose aka Roselin
1929 - 1935 black-footed pieces;
all crystal-and-black
1930 - 1935 crystal-and-topaz; decoration
on black-and-topaz
1931 - 1935 deep blue called Belgian blue;
opalescent blue called Moonstone
After 1935 crystal colored glassware
1940s/50s/60s black, ruby, amber called
Golden Sunset produced on
older pattern molds

The company did produce a wide range of colors over the years and some very famous patterns which are collected with enthusiasm today. Up until 1957 their glassware was hand-finished with ground bases and fire-polishing. This proved to be too expensive a process from 1957 onwards.
There was a very difficult period in the 70s and to try and improve matters Westmoreland made glassware for other companies to market.

They used molds and glass formula from L.G. Wright to make glass for that company and from 1973 they used old molds with new colors and finishes such as carnival glass for the Levay company. The financial problems worsened and Westmoreland Glass was sold to David Grossman in 1981. He tried several innovations to save the company, but finally closed it in 1984.

The two most common trademarks to be found on Westmoreland Glass are the W in a keystone, which was used from approximately 1910 - 1919; and the W surrounded by a G which was most common from the 1940s onwards  When Grossman bought the company in 1981 he used the trademark of a W that looked more like JJJ surrounded by the word Westmoreland. Paper labels were used extensively by Westmoreland Glass usually with the words Westmoreland Glass written in a circle around the keystone or around the W in G trademark (see trademarks from drop-down menu). [2]
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