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Bartlett-Collins Glass Company

Bartlett-Collins Patterns (Database Gallery)

Bartlett-Collins was started in 1914 in Oklahoma when Bartlett, an Oklahoma oil man, teamed up with Collins, an East Coast glass man. Together they formed Bartlett -Collins. The company was noted for its hand-pressed and blown tableware, stemware, and kitchenware. In addition they produced an assortment of kitchen lamps. . They started by making utilitarian wares and by the 1930's were making stemware in color. They made all this by hand!!! Their glass came in a variety of colors including pink, green and amber.(1)

Lancaster Colony (parent company of Indiana Glass) purchased the Bartlett-Collins Glass factory in the early 1980's. (Some documents say 1981, others say 1983.) Barlett - Collins made mold blown glass items for Indiana Glass and Tiara Exclusives. Their specialty items include enameled drinking glasses and mugs, florist vases and candle holders. All of the items made at the Bartlett-Collins factory have a sticker on the bottom bearing the Indiana Glass name. The very popular enameled Christmas glasses were not made by Indiana Glass even though they came in a box marked Indiana Glass. They were made by Bartlett-Collins.

Indiana Glass made pressed glass. Pressed glass has seams. If you have an item marked Indiana Glass and it has no seams, more than likely it was made by Bartlett - Collins. Also, the stickers used by Bartlett - Collins say Indiana Glass Co, A Lancaster Colony Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. If your item bears this Cincinnati sticker, it is a Bartlett - Collins product.(2)

Ref: Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2 by Hazel Marie Weatherman.
Narrative provided by: Marie W.- Crystal Closet (1) and Donna - Carnival Glass Heaven (2)

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