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Cambridge Glass Company

Cambridge Glass Co. Patterns (gallery images)

Cambridge Glass Co. began as part of the National Glass Co. combine in 1901-1902. In 1907, National Glass Co. declared bankruptcy, and the plant was purchased by company president Arthur Bennett and some local bankers who owned stock in the company. The plant operated successfully until 1958, when the plant closed. Cambridge brought elegance and beauty to the masses, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of hand-made glass during the 1920s. The company did this through national advertising campaigns and the introduction of color to such an extent that it became the norm rather than the exception. In 1960, Imperial Glass bought the Cambridge name and their molds. When Imperial closed in 1982, molds from both companies sat idle until Summit Glass Co. bought a large quantity of molds originated by these two companies. Summit Glass made reproductions from some of these molds until the owner, Russ Vogelsong, passed away in the early 2000's. Cambridge glass was made in both specific mold designs and an extensive line of etched patterns.(1)

THE OTHER CAMBRIDGE COMPANY (Super Glass) glass bearing these labels

Information about another company which bought the rights to the name "Cambridge Glass" name.

The Super Glass/Cambridge connection. We were told that it all began when Super Glass had so many orders they needed to expand production and lacked the necessary space and the qualified workers in the Brooklyn area.

The Imperial Glass Company was approached about doing contract work, merging or selling  Bernie Friedman the Imperial Company. Being unable to come to terms, Bernie purchased the old Cambridge factory. The only equipment left at the plant was the pot furnace. As Imperial had removed all the molds and equipment, the plant was an empty shell. According to Bernie's Son Howard's best recollection, his father had four or five, five-ton day tanks installed and brought along his own lehr, molds, and tools, all of which were needed if they were to resume production.

By 1960, the plant was back in production making glass and would continue in operation for three or four years. Production ceased in 1963 or 1964. The reason given was continuous labor problems where there were at least 20 wildcat strikes in the three or four years that they operated the factory. Most of the problems were caused by union organizers who would stop at Cambridge for breakfast on their way to West Virginia, and they would stir up the workers and then continue on their way. Another problem was many of the skilled glass workers had found employment with other glass companies. His father decided to close the factory and try to consolidate all of his glass making back at the Brooklyn plant.

According to Howard, they had purchased the name Cambridge Glass when they were in production at the plant. We were told that all the pieces of Super Glass with the round green paper label were made at the Cambridge Ohio factory. According to Howard Friedman, anyone who claims they didn't make glass at the Cambridge factory are dead wrong ... he should know as he worked in the plant and lived in Cambridge until his dad closed the plant.

We now know that the Super Glass Company made glass in their own molds at the Cambridge plant, and the story that they never made glass there is wrong. This story may have started due to the fact that the existing pot furnace was never used as all their glass was produced in the day tanks that Bernie had installed."(2)

(1) Vaseline Glass: Canary to Contemporary by David A. Peterson, and entered here by same.
(2) The OTHER Cambridge Glass by Bud Walker - from the Crystal Ball, July 2002; excerpt from the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. (

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